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Golf Instructor - Easton, PA - Riverview Country Club PGA Professional, Gary Strausser attended Penn State University, where he completed the PGA Golf Management Program. During that time he completed internships at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort, Rolling Rock, Olde Farm Golf Club and Reynolds Plantation. Throughout those experiences he gained valuable knowledge about teaching the golf swing and the business of golf. Gary also actively plays in section events and local Pro-Am tournaments throughout the year.

Teaching Philosophy
I believe that students can swing the golf club in many different ways. People come in many different shapes and sizes and golf swings come in many different variations as well. If we can work together and achieve proper "impact" with making simple and minor adjustments a good golf swing has been made. It is important for my students to determine there expectations and goals which vary from student to student. Once we determine that, then we can focus on getting the ball in the hole through practice, understanding, repetition and performance.

Approach to Teaching
In my opinion, the golf swing is learned from the green working back towards the tee. My teaching will start with putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play. I am a firm believer that many skills learned in the short game are transferred into developing the full swing. Through understanding, practice and repetition I strive to build a golf game rather than just a golf swing.

I look forward to seeing you on the lesson tee where we can reach your goals, begin to shave strokes off your game and help each student enjoy the game of golf. See you on the golf course!

Gary Strausser
PGA Professional

Adult 45 Minutes

Junior 30 Minutes (17 and under)

Individual $75 $50
Series of 3 Lessons $210 $135
Series of 5 Lessons $325 $200
Playing Lesson - 9 Holes $150 $150
Quick Tune Up **15 Minutes** $25 $25

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